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Barts Passiflora Beanie Damen Wollmütze rostbraun (rust)
Barts Passiflora Beanie Women Hat rust
The Passiflora Beanie from Barts is made from a premium cashmere blend which comes from the cashmere goat. This quality is commonly known for its ultra softness. The beautiful cable pattern adds to the cosy style of this faux-fur pom...
€39.96 * €49.95 *
Barts Shasta Scarf Damen Kaschmir-Wolle Schal beige (camel)
Barts Shasta Scarf Women Scarf camel
This scarf from Barts with zigzag pattern is made from a beautiful wool blend. Part of the yarn is wool from the cashmere goat: fine in texture, strong, lightweight and warm. Cashmere is commonly known for its ultra softness. Material:...
€79.96 * €99.95 *
Barts Linda Beanie Damen Wintermütze grau (dark heather)
Barts Linda Beanie Women Winter Hat dark heather
For the perfect fit! Virgin wool is untreated wool that's spun or woven for the first time. It's used in the Barts Linda beanie along with a firm cotton blend to make it fit perfectly. The soft fleece lining will keep your forehead from...
€27.99 * €39.99 *
Barts Cartonn Beanie Herren Wintermütze wheat
Barts Cartonn Beanie Men Winter Hat wheat
The artwork in the Barts Cartonn beanie reminds us of classic winter stuff like snow, winter walks, cold wind and christmas lights. The beanie is made from a firm cotton blend and features a fleece lining to prevent an itchy forehead and...
€29.99 * €33.27 *
Barts Tec Mitts M
Barts Tec Mitts Girl Ski Mittens fuchsia
The sporty Tec Mitts from Barts for kids are made from waterresistant and waterproof materials. Ski and snowbord mittens with waterproof Hydroshell layer and extra long cuffs for dry and warm hands. The lining is made from soft bemberg...
From €29.00 *
Barts Murdo Beanie Kids Kinder M
Barts Murdo Beanie Kids Child Hat charcoal
Striped turn-up style beanie from Barts made from a cotton blend. Material: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic Size 53-55 for kids: ca. 53-55 cm head circumference (4 years and up) Collection: children
€14.99 * €24.99 *
Barts Stanford Beanie Kinder Winterm
Barts Stanford Beanie Child Winter Hat heather...
Messy hair don't care. Stanford didn't comb his hair today. This beanie features a warm fleece lining and a funny patchwork face and uncombed hair. Upper: 100% acrylic Lining: fleece inlet (100% PES) Size 53: ca. 52-54 cm head...
€17.99 * €29.99 *
Barts Baigh Beanie Kinder Winterm
Barts Baigh Beanie Child Winter Hat dark heather
Trendy winter knit cap for kids from Barts. Upper: 100% acrylic Lining: fleece inlet (100% PES) Size 55: ca. 54-56 cm head circumference, 8 years and up Collection: children Bobble
€14.99 * €24.99 *
Barts Solace Beanie M
Barts Solace Beanie Girl Winter Hat navy
Fine hand knitted winter beanie for girls. Upper: 85% acrylic, 15% PES Lining: fleece inlet (100% PES) Pom: faux fur (100% PES) Size 53-55: ca. 53-55 cm head circumference, 4 years and up Collection: children
€16.19 * €26.99 *
Barts Cria Hood M
Barts Cria Hood Girl Winter Hood peony
Sweet winter hood for your little girls. Upper: 100% acrylic Lining: 100% cotton Size 47: ca. 47-49 cm head circumference (12 month to 2 years) Collection: toddlers
€17.99 * €29.99 *
Barts Fleece Gloves Kids Kinder Handschuhe fuchsia
Barts Fleece Gloves Kids Child Gloves fuchsia
Casual outdoor gloves for Girls from Barts. Material: stretch Fleece (100% PES) Palm: Resin print Collection: children
From €12.95 * €16.08 *
Barts Zelda Beanie Kinder Wintermütze charcoal/orange (charcoal)
Barts Zelda Beanie Child Winter Hat charcoal
Trendy winter knit cap for kids from Barts. Upper: 100% acrylic Lining: 100% fleece inlet Size 53: ca. 52-54 cm head circumference, 4 years and up Collection: children Bobble
€14.95 * €21.95 *
Barts Beck Scarf Herrn Schal mehrfarbig (black)
Barts Beck Scarf Men Scarf multicolor (black)
Trendy knit scarf for men from Barts. Material: 100% acrylic Dimensions: ca. 180 x 20 cm One Size Collection: men
€19.95 * €29.95 *